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Handcrafted Indian Traditional Jewellery by the finest and best jewellers in Jaipur.

Polki Jewellery

polki jewels
Are you a jewellery enthusiast looking for the best polki jewellery in Jaipur? Look no further than the city’s thriving markets, where you’ll find a wide range of exquisite polki jewellery pieces that are sure to take your breath away.

Jadau Jewellery

Jadau Jewels

Are you a jewellery lover looking for something unique and exquisite? Look no further than the stunning jadau jewellery of Jaipur. This traditional Indian jewellery style has been around for centuries and is characterized by intricate designs and the use of precious stones and metals.



Preksha, a breathtakingly-glorious fine jewellery collection in Jaipur by best jewellers in Jaipur, presents a handcrafted amalgamation of gold jewellery in Jaipur, designed to enrich your impression.

Radiate with extraordinary craftsmanship through ‘PREKSHA’.


Amaira is a fine jewellery assemblage that is a carousing medley of purity & beauty comprehending handcrafted pieces by the best jewellers in Jaipur that personify an eternal appeal.

Portray & manifest a lasting magnificence with ‘AMAIRA’.

Amaira by JKJ Jewellers
Parampara by JKJ Jewellers


Intricate, pure & traditional jewellery pieces from our latest traditional jewellery collection ‘PARAMPARA’, celebrate the long-standing tradition of wearing jewellery from best jewellers in Jaipur.
Experience this beloved convention in an elevated form.


Parinita is a scintillating & spectacular fine jewellery collection, handcrafted to empower the auspicious celestial nymph that persists within, through its elegantly illustrious pieces.

Highlight your celestial being with ‘PARINITA’

Parinita Banner


Prabha, is an impeccable diamond jewellery collection, symbolizing pure radiance, lustre & light and reinvents diamond craftsmanship through traditional and contemporary handcrafted jewellery from the best jewellers in Jaipur.

Facilitate the radiance within oneself to glisten in the profusion with ‘PRABHA’.


Celebrate the priceless traditional practices connecting to Indian roots.

The tradition of donning gold jewelry has been solidified since ancient times. Take forward this special custom with our latest collection ‘ PRATHA’, an exquisite jewelry collection for pure & traditional, handcrafted gold jewelry.


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