A pure heart is something you treasure, but gold just adds.

J.K.J. & Sons Jewellers, who have always added to your treasures at different occasions, since Satya Narayan Mosun started this world-class jewelry store, are coming up with more glitters at their new showroom at GK-1. Something so traditional that you’ll feel Amidst the bustling multicultural society in Rajasthan, J.K.J was established in the golden year 1868. Since then the name of J.K.J slowly and steadily started spreading all over the nation. The business further flourished and with the help of our dedicated team of artisans, we started exporting our creative collection of golden jewelry to Dubai from the year 1992 until 1994. Seeing the ever-growing demand, we first established our retail outlet in Rajasthan. In 1996 we launched for the first time in India, 916/22.k Hallmark jewelry in the land of ‘Rajputs’, Rajasthan. The list of our esteemed kept on growing by leaps and bounds. Today we have a strong foothold over the market and also have another retail outlet that we have opened up in the crowded and happening vicinity of Karol Bagh, in the heart of India, the tinsel town, Delhi. J.K.J over the passage of time has gained immense momentum. With the years of dedicated service and expertise in creating unique jewelry, today we have carved out a niche for ourselves in the world of Golden Jewelry.

Currently we have two manufacturing units – one is bases in the land of ‘babu mosai’ and ‘misti doi’ Kolkata and the other in the capital of India, Delhi. Today we are the leading manufacturers in India with a workforce of nearly 2,000 expert skilled men. It is our innovative team of professional designers and finest craftsman who are the backbone of the exquisite creation that we have been providing consistently to our loyal customers.

With the specialized team of our jewelry designing cell our craftsmen produces jewelry ranging from ethnic wear to the most stylish contemporary accessories for the beautiful women’s. We, at J.K.J deal exclusively in international standard 22/22.K Hallmark purity gold, 24.k exquisite Kundan/Polki sets and 18 k Diamond jewelry. We never give a chance to our customers to complain about the items that we make and the quality that we offer them.

The Merchants of Tradition

Smile is the best ornament you can wear. Jewellery just adds. That’s the inspiration behind J.K.J. & Sons Jewellers, a renowned jewellery house, founded by acclaimed persona of Gold Industry, Satya Narayan Mosun in 1868 amidst the bustling multicultural society in Rajasthan. Since JKJ opened its first retail outlet in the year1996 with 916/22.k hallmark jewellry in the land of ‘Rajputs’, the name has always kept on adding studs to its identity. Whereas, in1992 the brand took its tradition to Dubai.

The caravan of craftiness started the journey from Rajasthan keeping in mind JKJ’s the trust that people showed. And pink city was ornamented with golden treasure. Gradually JKJ turned out to be the most trusted and respected jewellery brand in Rajasthan. With this unexpected success in Rajasthan the JKJ artists headed towards the capital city of India where it chose Karol Bagh, the crowded and happening vicinity of Delhi, to carry on its creative script. And with GK-1 enqued in the list of glittering showrooms of JKJ, the capital city has been overawed by the brand. The innovative team of professional designers and finest craftsman are the backbone of the exquisite creation that has been continuously ornamenting our loyal customers to make every occasion cherish able memory. And when it comes to jewellery, more than the studs, it’s purity that counts. No wonder, J.K.J deals entirely in international standard 22/22.K Hallmark purity gold, 24.k exquisite Kundan/ Polki sets and 18 k Diamond Jewellery. Aiming to bring forth stunning designs, from heavy Gold necklaces, Kundan and Polki sets, to bangles encrusted with diamonds and other colored precious and semi-precious stones, bracelets, nose-pins etc. Outlets approved by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) hallmark license are nowhere down the track. Everyday at JKJ workshops is about crafting and producing jewelry ranging from ethnic wear to the most stylish contemporary accessories. It is this dedication from the pool of excellence of 2000 skilled hands that JKJ has got its name written in capitals in the pages of capital city of India. Along this, it also has a manufacturing unit at Kolkata. All these acknowledgements have been gathered in short chapters of glitters and glory. With utmost pride owing to a strong foothold of the market, JKJ announces its existence through countless necks, hand and ears graced with eternal beauty of gold.

Branch Locations


  • Dugar Building, MI Road. Ph.: +91-141-5103540-41
  • Amrapali Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Ph.: +91-141-5113540-41
  • Gandhi Nagar Mod, Tonk Road, Ph.: +91-141-4113541-42
  • Madhyam Marg, Mansarovar, Ph.: +91-141-4003540-41


  • M-5, M – Block Market GK-1 Ph.: +91-11-29243660-61

Website: www.jkjjewellers.com

email: anilmosun@gmail.com

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